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Beautiful Yards

Affordable Elegance

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Trim & Edge
Pressure Wash
Drives & Decks
Fall & Spring Cleanup
Junk Removal
Vacation Watering

About Us

Bringing Lawn & Order to a Yard Near You

Teacher owned & operated, we take pride in providing A+ service to our clients.

Lawn care is the root of our business, but we also specialize in design and construction of unique garden landscapes.

Don't get a sore back while gardening!  We design raised beds with custom height and shaped beds specifically for your space and needs.


Get rid of your earth-shaking tiller!  Our filled beds come with conditioned organic soil, making planting a breeze.


Add some curb appeal to your flower gardens with natural stone borders or pathways.

Forgot to water? Tap your app and water while on vacation.  With our drip irrigation system, reduce water consumption and deliver water with precision to your plants.  Plants thrive, weeds die.​

With the changing seasons, we offer fall/spring cleanups and junk removal.   Pressure washing your drive and deck can increase the lifespan of your product, while making it sparkle.

Give us a call today to discuss your dream landscape. 


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